Before a Rain
Thanks so much for following and visiting this blog. I appreciate your interest, but I'm finding that I can't manage two blogs successfully. This blog isn't serving it's intended purpose, and I need to rethink it. Some of the articles may move to the other blog, but I'm not technically adept, so we'll see what happens. I may post studio work once a month or just delete, not sure yet.

So, if you'd like up-to-date information, please go go https://joannsanborn.blogspot.com, or visit the website at https://joannsanborn.com You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter on either one, or follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jsanborn

If I get it all figured out I may be back, or try to post studio work once a month. Not sure yet. I'll leave the articles for now. Again, thanks!