Condo View, Montery Studio painting by JoAnn Sanborn

This commissioned painting was fun to do. The clients live on the third floor of a condo, and the wife wanted a painting of the view for her husband who can't come to Marco Island quite as much as she can since he's still working. She wanted a wide expanse of transparent gulf, and to include the palms that they see from their window. The ground level was a particular challenge because despite looking out at really tall palms there was an understory of palms below. Trees are usually an upright element, meaning that they are a dark plane because less light falls on them. Seen from above, here, they become a flat plane, with more light falling on them. I compromised in value while painting them because if I had made them too bright and busy your eye would have been caught there instead of passing over them getting to the higher palms and the water. I didn't want this lower level of greenery to become too prominent. I'm pleased with the results, and wish that the painting will arrive on time for Christmas and safely with all the snow and storms up north! Let's also hope that the recipient doesn't take s sudden look at the blog and spoil the surprise!